The Banshees (on Dunwich) will forever be immortalized due to their harrowing recording of 'Project Blue,' a song anyone reading this page is assuredly famliar with. The rarely-heard flip, 'Free,' is a more classically restrained ballad that portrays the group in a different light yet is still worthy of greater attention.  Frank Bucaro had a hand in writing both songs, and displayed his vocal prowess by also providing lead vocals on each track.
Banshees: Rick Notolini, Frank Bucaro, Ron Rouse, Tom Leetzow and John Smead
Frank Bucaro Recalls The Banshees

The places we played most were The New Place in Algonquin, The Alamo in Streamwood, The Cellar in Arlington Heights and Blue Gooses (five or six of them), owned by Dex Card who was a deejay on WLS with Dick Biondi, Ron Brittain, etc.

We also were one of the opening acts at the Arie Crown Theater for The Outsiders and The Dave Clark Five.  T
here was another band on the Dunwich label named Saturday’s Children. We played with them as well.

Ron Rouse and I both wrote 'Project Blue' but, because he was the only on that was 21 at the time, only his name could be on an A-side of a record.
I wrote 'Free' and sang lead on both sides (Dunwich 129, 1966).

We performed both songs live at every concert. 'Project Blue' was better received. 
There are no other songs, as the band broke up about a year later.

Frank Bucaro - Lead vocals and harmonica
Tom Leetzow - Drums
Rick Notolini - Bass guitar
Ron Rouse - Lead guitar
John Smead - Rhythm guitar

'Project Blue'