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Sundowners Scrapbook

The Sundowners are another of the great '60's rock groups that really did it all yet are not properly remembered today.  If they're mentioned at all, it's because they toured in 1967 with The Monkees (and later Jimi Hendrix).  But they also released the excellent Captain Nemo LP in 1968, made fantastic guest appearances on The Flying Nun and It Takes A Thief, appeared in the Tony Curtis film Don't Make Waves, and were in all the teen magazines of the day.

Dominick Demieri has graciously provided some photos from his collection, as well as an mp3 download of his recollections of the Monkees tour, Jimi Hendrix, and other snippets on his band. 

The Sundowers originally hailed from Glen Falls, New York, and at various times were comprised of George Bianchi, Eddie Brick, Kerim Capli, Dominick Demieri, Bobby Dickson (Dick), Benny Grammatico and Ed Placidi.

The Sundowners toured with The Monkees in 1967. Hear Dominick's recollections below.
Dominick Demieri Rcalls The Sundowners, Monkees, Jimi Hendrix...and More!

Sundowners Discography:

  • Ring Out Wild Bells / When The Sun Goes Down (Filmways 110)
  • Leave Me Never / Around and Around (Coed 603)
  • Always You / Dear Undecided (Decca 32171) 1967
  • Sunny Day People / Easy Does It Baby (Decca 32296) 1968
  • Let It Be Me/Blue-Green Eyes (Decca 32497) 1968
  • Captain Nemo LP (Decca 75036) 1968

There are also live recordings that have survived of the Sundowners' opening performances from the Monkees' tour.  According to Dom, they "were taken right off of the stage mixer output taps, with my recorder. (They're of) our opening medley of famous tunes for the Monkees' warmup opening act. (It's a) very rare recording, with all the audience screams and all that stuff.  (There was) actually 20,000 fans per night." is very excited to make this rare and incredible medley available to the general public for the very first time anywhere.  It's important to note that this recording is as performed live; it has not been edited in any form, and it provides fascinating evidence to the band's performing ability.

Monkees' Tour Medley (Live, 1967)

Like most bands of the era, The Sundowners appeared on many local rock and dance television programs, but they also had the distinction of several high profile TV and movie appearances.  Although unbilled, the band appeared as The Raspberry Wristwatch on IT TAKES A THIEF.  They played in a White House setting, and performed "Dear Undecided", from their Captain Nemo LP.

The Sundowners as The Raspberry Wristwatch on It Takes A Thief
Dominick, left, on It Takes A Thief
They had earlier appeared in the premeire episode of the second season on the popular Sally Field sitcom THE FLYING NUN.  Although they backed actor/singer Paul Peterson (and were credited onscreen as Sonny & The Sundowners), they were featured prominently performing "A Whole New World."  Interestingly, "Dear Undecided" was featured again - this time on a radio at the very start of the episode.
With Paul Peterson on The Flying Nun
Although The Byrds were assigned the film's title theme song, The Sundowners made a brief cameo appearance in the Tony Curtis and Sharon Tate comedy DON'T MAKE WAVES.  Again unbilled, they appeared playing an instrumental at an outdoor pool party.
Dominick on the Set of DON'T MAKE WAVES