Ever wonder what was it like being in a 1960's garage band?  Read High Hopes in Low-Fi by Richard Parker.  Written by an original member of Texas' Rain Kings and Gretta Spoone Band, this exclusive is a thoughtful and highly entertaining examination of the phenonema that forever changed rock and roll...

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Keith Murphy & The Daze
Band Member(s) State Photos Recordings Videos
Long Island Sound Billie Brown Vermont Yes No No
Music Tribe Julio Gonzales Illinois Yes No No
Sad Days 'N Green Ed Echols California Yes Yes No
Daily Planet Joe Pino California Yes Yes Yes
Unleashed Ray Manning Illinois Yes Yes No
Piper's Orange Tree Andrew Frantz Hawaii No No No
Spydres Gary Steiner California Yes Yes No
North Shores Rick White New York Yes Yes No
The Kids These Days Daniel Maye New York Yes No No
Institution J. Howard Duff New Jersey Yes Yes No
Wix Ron Ayers Pennsylvania No No No
Trolls/Music Bachs J. Kooderings-Clemens New Jersey Yes No No
Chancellors Peter Chase New York Yes No No
Tidal Waves Robert Slap Michigan Yes No No
Iron Gate Thomas Cullen Pennsylvania Yes No No
Kommotions Steve Schleicher Nebraska Yes No No
Broken Glass John Willson California Yes No No
Wombats John Briggs Illinois Yes Yes No
Crimson Castle George Kayajanian California Yes No No
Brindelles Donna Rocheleau Vermont Yes No No
Distortions Geoff Scully Connecticut Yes No No
Individuals Ronnie Couch Virginia Yes Yes No
Deviled Ham Mark Vinbury Rhode Isand Yes No No
Zeppelins Jimmy Fernandez California Yes Yes No
Del-Vetts Jeff Gerchensom Illinois Yes No No
Michael & The Jesters Cecil Rhodes California Yes No No
Kidnappers Don Stock Florida Yes No No
Fourfits Thom Thomas Illinois No No No
Little Caesar & The Empire Jim Finan Ohio Yes No No
Ides Of March Scott Ebright Michigan Yes Yes No
Dreamland Choo Choo Vince DeLucia New York Yes Yes No
Gathering Sounds Sam Epperson California Yes No No
Hucksters Jack Carey Illinois Yes Yes No
Murphy's Law Mac Macoy Nevada Yes Yes No
Chancellors Tom Potts California Yes Yes No
Denny & The Deacons Tom Horan New Hampshire Yes Yes No
Deuces Wilde James Lucas Texas Yes Yes No
Conn Men Ralph DeMusis Connecticut No No No
Duquanes Alex Pawlowski California Yes No No
Uproar Tommy Zito Philadelphia Yes No No
Shadows Eli White New York Yes No No
Yorkshires Harry Watkins California Yes No No
Buffalo Bombers John Heinrich Kentucky Yes No No
Basic Things Herman Bennett Texas Yes Yes No
Exits Dennie Reynolds Illinois Yes Yes No
Chentelles Mark Adams Michigan Yes Yes No
Intruders Douglas Oakley Illinois Yes No No
Avengers Ted Snipes South Carolina Yes Yes No
Reign Michael Leonard Nebraska Yes Yes No
Dovers Nick Hoffman California Yes Yes No
London Dri George Watters, Bruce Thomas and Steven Kelly California Yes Yes Yes
George Washington Bridge Dwayne Witten Arizona Yes No No
Barons Nelson Wertman Texas Yes No No
Edison Birdcaje Will Nowling Florida Yes No No
Midnight Snack Mark Furtak California No Yes No
Teen-Beets/Words Of Luv George Samaras North Carolina Yes No No
Van-Tels Gary Jay Wisconsin Yes No No
Flowers, Fruits & Pretty Things David Pasant Michigan Yes No No
The Contents Are: Mick Orton Iowa Yes No No
Sceptres J. Del Santo Connecticut Yes Yes No
Paniks David Davies New York Yes Yes No
Malibu's David Luckie Georgia Yes No No
Accents Joseph Tutalo Rhode Island Yes Yes No
Esquires Frank "Ted" Divo Ohio Yes No No
Continental V Richard Albaugh Texas No Yes No
Fabulous Pharaohs Aubrey Fisher Deleware Yes Yes No
Hard Luck Boy/Southe Michael Monteleone California Yes Yes No
King Louie & The 3Ds Louis Rotunno New York Yes No No
Aardvarks Rick Kuerth Michigan Yes Yes No
Whirlwinds/Inn Crowd Jim Hennessey Illinois Yes Yes No
Try-Angle Les Tabeling Indiana Yes Yes No
Simultaneous Avalanche Rick Schultze California Yes No No
Ruins Walter Saxe New York Yes No No
Ravens Jeff Shaw Ohio Yes No No
Kack Klick/Churchmice Armand Schaubroeck New York Yes No No
Rondells J.C. Kalous Michigan Yes No No
Lazy Eggs Sam Moceri Michigan Yes Yes No
Couryers Tom Valente Michigan No Yes No
Crystal Syphon Bob Greenlee California Yes No No
J.C. & The Disciples John Cross, Ric Kellen, Tom LaFlamme CA Yes No No
Active Ingredients Mike Turturro New York No No Yes
Sons Of Objection Randy Ellsworth Utah Yes No No
Ruddy Merry Gary Parrish California No No No
Liverpool Gas Co. Gary Duarte Maine Yes No No
Deepest Blue Ken Zabel California Yes No No
Casper & The Ghosts Dave Casperson New York Yes No No
Sound Sandwich Les Hugie California Yes No No
State Of Mind Paul Murtagh Delaware No No No
Frankie & The Damons Ben Runkle North Carolina Yes No No
Revolvers Steve Arnold Texas Yes No No
Peter Wheat & The Breadmen Barry Carlos California Yes No No
Apollos Jim Price Virginia Yes Yes No
Band Without A Name Larry Puckett California Yes No No
Robin Hoods Pete Shelton United Kingdom Yes Yes No
Nickel Revolution Jerry Lenz Minnesota Yes Yes No
Elites George Pratl Illinois No Yes No
Dark Ages David Robertson Alabama No No No
Travel Agency Bill Gradisher Illinois Yes Yes No
Creatures Robert Zappier New York No No No
Torquays Don Meyers Illinois Yes Yes No
Tuesday Child Dave Wathen Indiana Yes No No
Mystics David Mitchell Texas Yes No No
Park Avenue Playground George Eder Illinois Yes Yes No
Blades Of Grass Bruce Ames New York Yes Yes No
Jim & The Gents Robert Lazaneo California Yes No No
Blue Angels Ken Simmons Indiana Yes No No
Churchill Moor Steve Nelson Illinois Yes Yes No
Rogues Jim Churchill Nebraska Yes Yes No
Evening's Breezes Howard Sheldon and Bruce Domenella Illinois Yes Yes No
Missing Links George Buetow Illinois Yes No No
Torres Rick Gillis South Dakota Yes No No
Lost Tribe Tom Roudebush Maryland Yes No No
Bare Facts Bob Burns Louisiana Yes Yes No
Olivers Mike Mankey, Jay Penndorf and Rick Durrett Indiana Yes Yes No
Ruddy Merry Mike Machat California Yes Yes No
Threshold Of Sound Dave Johnson Louisiana Yes Yes No
Fabulous Fakes Vicki Spencer New York Yes Yes No
Galaxies Bob May and Michael Waggoner Kansas Yes No No
Shags Terry Ottinger Tennessee Yes No No
Allusions Jeff Lewis Iowa Yes No No
Oscar & The Majestics Sam and Oscar Hamod Indiana Yes No No
Rick Lee & The Barons Larry Oliver California Yes Yes No
Midnite Movers Ralph Delorso, Jr. Connecticut No No No
Dream Machine Dean Cook Texas Yes No No
Beau Beats John Grieco New York Yes No No
Cavaliers/Moving Violations Charlie Davis Mississippi Yes Yes No
Kords Jim Armstrong Florida Yes Yes No
Van Goghs Bill Gannon Rhode Island Yes No No
Hubert Spring Street Sale Rick Gleicher New Mexico No No No
IV Kings & A Queen Jan Vadala Massachusetts Yes Yes No
North Atlantic Invasion Force George Morgio Connecticut Yes Yes No
Lime Steven Sanders Ohio Yes Yes No
Banshees Frank Bucaro Illinois Yes Yes No
Surprize James Marvell Florida Yes Yes No
13th Hour Glass Robert Lewis Florida Yes No No
20th Century Zoo Skipp Ladd Arizona Yes No No
Tilton's Market Don Sucher New York/Massachusetts Yes Yes No
Abstracts Don Sucher New York Yes Yes No
Trolls Gary Aull Illinois Yes No No
Avengers Louis Weisberg California No No No
Big Sweet Tommy George Texas Yes Yes No
Black Pearl Oak O'Connor Massachusetts Yes No No
King's English Joe DiGrazia Ohio Yes No No
Electras Mickey Fields Connecticut Yes No No
Bucaneer's Don Bevers New Jersey Yes Yes No
One Blind Mice Jon Friese California Yes No No
Abstractions Bill Chemerka New Jersey Yes No No
Men Of Eden Ed Byers Ohio Yes Yes No
Magic Reign Mike Buker Washington, D.C. Yes No No
Flame LTD David Dobler California Yes No No
Rogues V Rick Vycital Illinois Yes Yes No
Unknowns Phil Manovsky Oklahoma Yes No No
Marble Collection Dave Coviello Connecticut Yes Yes No
Monks Stephen Frary Massachusetts Yes Yes No
Effects Jimmy Coulter Pennsylvania Yes Yes No
Lonely Things Elwood Donnelly Rhode Island Yes Yes No
Spectras Dick Ray New Hampshire Yes No No
Prince & The Paupers Phil Cabuzzi Massachusetts No No No
Grim Reaper Chester Slimp Texas Yes Yes No
Zonks Buzz Andrews Arkansas Yes Yes No
Innovations Skip Baker South Carolina Yes No No
Invaders Jack Williams Texas Yes Yes Yes
J.D. & The Silencers Ron O'Keefe Pennsylvania Yes No No
Tonto & The Renegades Bill Ford Michigan Yes No No
Dark Side George "Bill" Troutman Kentucky Yes No No
Sideshow Dennis Wilbur California Yes No No
Checkmates Jack Williams Texas Yes No No
Sand Trippers Bob Melton Florida Yes No No
Terry & The Telstars Nick Knowlton Maine Yes No No
Ramrods Ron Neber Michigan Yes No No
Burgundy Street Singers Jill Jax Kansas Yes No No
Conspiracy Asa Porter New Mexico No No No
Teddy & His Patches Dave Conway California Yes No No
Million Dollar War Babies Margie Sheaffer Illinois Yes Yes No
Unknowns/Spur Rick Willard Illinois Yes No No
World War V William Miller California Yes No No
Living End Jim Hall Michigan Yes Yes No
Sixth Generation David Walenga Michigan Yes Yes No
Chevelle V Charlie Taylor Texas Yes Yes No
Headband Rich Beckholt Ohio Yes Yes No
Coachmen Jeff Greenthal Wisconsin Yes No No
Unrelated Segments Rory Mack Michigan Yes No No
Eternal Flame Mike Lusby California Yes No No
Tiaras Jack Carter and Gail Adams Texas Yes No No
St. John Green Mike Baxter California Yes No No
Jumbo Mike Baxter California Yes No No
Surf Knights/Dream Machine Tommy George Texas Yes Yes No
Pentagons John Coggeshall Connecticut Yes Yes No
Night Crawlers Marc Reigel Minnesota Yes No No
Others Jim DeStout Rhode Island Yes No No
Memphis Charms Harold Kelly Tennessee Yes No No
Rare Breed Jim Garcia Florida Yes No No
Young Ages Bob Robinson North Carolina Yes No No
Maitrex Square Daryl Leoce New York Yes No No
Sedate Sunshine Colony Jeffrey Anderson California Yes Yes No
Caravans Jimmy Preston New York Yes No No
Nightshades Tom Lavin Illinois Yes No No
City Blues Band Robert Lesher California Yes No No
Evergreen Morning Philip Perkins California No No No
Pleasure Seekers Patti Quatro Ericson Michigan Yes No No
Rockets Richard Childers California Yes No No
Ravens John Anthony Connecticut Yes No No
Wet Paint Tom Benjamin Michigan Yes No No
Turning Image Mike Hadder Virginia Yes No No
Flock Fred Glickstein Illinois Yes No No
Morning Dew Mal Robinson Kansas Yes No No
Reverbs Kenn Farbacher Pennsylvania No No No
Bridge Dennis D'Amato Connecticut Yes No No
Laymen Phil Watlington Florida Yes No No
Burlington Express Greg Hartline Kansas Yes No No
Sacred Irony Chuck Dales Smith North Carolina Yes No No
Danny & The Avanties Jackie Phillips Missouri Yes No No
BlueBeats Lance Drake Connecticut Yes No No
Tonto & The Renegades Tom Kirby Michigan Yes No No
Integrity Records Alan Cassaro Ohio Yes No No
Sentrys Mike Popejoy, Jerry Oliver and Paul Porter California Yes No No
Kidds John Schmidt Texas No No No
Soul Benders Aris Hampers Michigan Yes No No
Weejuns/Pendletons Mike Anderson Michigan Yes Yes No
Yellow Brick Road Bill Oden New Mexico No No No
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys Jim Jones Texas Yes No No
Ricochettes John Galobich Wisconsin Yes No No
New Grooves Jim Treadway Mississippi Yes No No
Limey & The Yanks Steve Cook California Yes No No
Jim Doval & The Gauchos Connor Corkill California Yes No No
Columns Brad Frey Pennsylvania Yes No No
Chambermen Rick Maselli Ohio Yes No No
Rick's Continentals Ray Vaughn Mississippi Yes No No
Worlocks Denny Ball and Bill Smith New York Yes No No
Mother's Kookies Robert Buckner California Yes No No
Conquests/Rare Breed Barry Stolnick New York Yes Yes No
Chylds Joe Vitale Ohio Yes No No
Jades Of Fort Worth Gary Carpenter Texas Yes No No
Benders/Why Four Gerry Cain Wisconsin Yes No No
Mach V John Tiedemann Georgia No No No
Midnight Raiders Chuck Sears Texas No No No
Marvin Gardens Michael Lindner California Yes No No
Luke's Cabbage Store Mike Partain Georgia Yes No No
Collegiates Mac Macoy Indiana Yes Yes No
Macabras Joel Kipp Iowa Yes No No
Last Word Dave Papi New Jersey Yes Yes No
Shags John Sahli Wisconsin Yes No No
Chosen Few Skip Buran Florida Yes No No
Nickel Bag Bill Brackin Illinois Yes No No
Tabz Steve Green and Bob Bauer Ohio Yes Yes No
Bare Facts Boyd Williams Ohio Yes No No
Teemates Robert Pulhemus and Rich Staff New York Yes No No
Muphets Jay Muphet Ohio Yes No No
Teddy & His Patches Steve Urbani and Steve Marley California Yes No No
Fugitives Geoff Graue and Mike Loomis Ohio Yes Yes No
Breakers Timothy Critchley Arizona Yes Yes No
Hustlers Lanny Barnett New Mexico Yes No Yes
Great Society Irv "Butch" Vetter Illinois Yes Yes No
Lavender Hill Mob Dave Chavoya California Yes No No
Drusalee & The Dead John Piper California Yes No No
Sound Effect Fernando “Butch” Lecuona Nebraska Yes Yes No
The Mark V Billy Aerts Florida Yes No No
Missing Lynx Tom Groener Montana Yes Yes No
Tweeds Greg Campbell California Yes No No
Witches Bru Roger Gary New Jersey Yes Yes Yes
Other Five Bill Bailey and Duke Gaiser Kansas Yes No No
Marauders Jerry Taylor Kentucky Yes No No
Love Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer California Yes No No
Angry Young Men Dave Wing New York Yes No No
Electras Louie Meunier, Mike Marsceill and Bill Yantz Vermont Yes No No
Sensational Showmen Phil Pfister Kansas Yes No No
Chevelle V Joe Baccus Texas Yes No No
Quintels/Kwintels Jerry Zubal Michigan Yes No Yes
Stumps Mark Fraze Ohio Yes No No
Esquires Harv Hutchins New York Yes No No
Aldermen Bruce Gilbert California Yes No No
Royal Aircoach Robert Warren Green Massachusetts Yes Yes No
Keith Murphy & The Daze Keith Murphy Indiana Yes No No
Cannons Peter Loeb Wisconsin Yes Yes No
Hangmen Tom Guernsey Maryland Yes No No
Scoundrels Chip Mayes Florida Yes No No
Sundowners Dom Demieri New York Yes Yes No
United Travel Service John Reeves Oregon Yes No No
Syndicate Jim Kobzeff California No No No
Afterglow Larry Alexander and Gene Resler California Yes No No
Neurotic Sheep Charlie Mitchell Texas Yes No No
New York Central Charlie Callari New York No Yes No
Blue Fever Craig R. Pedersen California Yes No No
Greenstone Ivy Monty Sprague Florida Yes No No
Outcasts Joseph Sherov New York Yes Yes No
Blue Grass Gerald Lambert Illinois Yes No No
Tarantels David Wheeler California Yes No No
Glass Prism Tom Varano New York Yes No No
Magnificent Seven Tony Stallard Kentucky Yes Yes No
Next Five Eric Olson Wisconsin Yes No No
Donnybrooks Steve Lynd California No No No
Wry Catchers Rick Forbess Texas No No No
Traits Mike Carroll New York Yes No No
Rainbow Darrell Devlin California Yes No No
Bats Dennis Nardantonio Pennsylvania No Yes No
Bonnivilles Gene Antauer Ohio Yes No No
S.J. & The Crossroads Sam Messina Texas Yes No No
Quatrain Jim Lekas California Yes Yes No
Groop Ltd. Jake Gerber New York Yes No No
The Mass Charlie Gentile New York Yes Yes No
Dan Gates Dan Gates Arizona Yes No No
Jolly Beggars ’Pamela Rose’ New York Yes Yes No
1910 Fruitgum Company Floyd Marcus New York Yes No No
Alibis Robert Deviccaro New York Yes Yes No
Briks Richard Borgens Texas Yes No No
Cavemen Joey Calato and Jimmy Crouse New York Yes No No
Doughboys Richard X. Heyman and Mike Caruso New Jersey Yes No Yes
Dynamic Disortions Eric Chambers Ohio Yes Yes No
Grains Of Sand Richard Brand California Yes No Yes
Hamilton Streetcar Tom Fannon California Yes No No
London & The Bridges Richie Weintraub New York Yes No No
New Generation Jack Nadelle California Yes No No
Phog Russ Deck California Yes Yes No
Sidekicks Zack Bocelle Pennsylvania Yes No No
Strawberry Alarm Clock George Bunnell California Yes No No
Gonn Rex Garrett and Craig Moore Iowa Yes No No
Swift Rain Frank Sotelo Texas Yes No No
Soul Searchers Anthony Martinich Florida Yes Yes No
Whatsits Patrick Fogel Kentucky Yes Yes No
Band Without A Name Mark Anderson California Yes No No
Sound Barrier Paul Hess Ohio Yes No No
Tamrons Keith Stacy North Carolina Yes No No
Daybreakers Hank Mayberry Ohio Yes No No
Ford Theatre Jimmy Altieri Massachusetts Yes No No
Tides In Rick Rogerson New York Yes No No
Reekers Tom Guernsey Maryland Yes No No
Minutemen G. Ted Tedino New York Yes No No
Somebody’s Children Joseph Arkeder California Yes No No
Gentlemen Tim Justice Texas Yes Yes No
Trojans John Green Iowa Yes Yes No
Pebbles Ralph Straight Florida Yes No No
Lee Riders Vince Tuzzi California Yes No No
XL’s Bill Evans Indiana No No No
Stanley & The Four Fendermen Bob Manning California Yes No No
Detroit Soul Bart Mazzarella Connecticut Yes No No
Montage Vince Chapman New Jersey Yes No No
Bittervetch Rob Hegel Ohio Yes No No
Teddy & The Pandas Ted Dewart Massachusetts Yes No No
Blucoats Jim Peretti California Yes Yes No
Brymers Dick Lee California Yes No No
Martha’s Laundry Michael Husser California No No No
Lyndells Bruce Ward Missouri Yes Yes No
Fifth Estate Kenneth Evans Connecticut Yes Yes No
Teddy Bears Don Richards Florida Yes Yes No
Quests Bob Fritzen Michigan Yes No No
Eddie Reeves Eddie Reeves Texas Yes No No
Ox-Bow Incident George Napolitano and Joe Sirico New York Yes No No
Dovers Bruce Clawson and Rick Morinini California Yes No No

Soul Searchers
Sound Barrier