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Songs Inspired By Batman

Much like The Beatles, the Batman TV series has virtually become synonymous with the 1960's.  With its sparkling use of color and odd camera angles, the series defined '60's pop art, and as a result became an amazing cultural phenomenon – not only in 1966 but (to a lesser extent) today as well.  Presently, whenever a news segment or newspaper article on the comic book industry is reported, it invariably features a "Holy!" headline, or a "Crash, Pow, Bang" tagline – catchphrases that the show launched into our national consciousness.  Adam West is still incredibly popular, especially with many animators that grew up enjoying the show, and is regularly seen on cartoons series such as Family Guy, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Johnny Bravo – in addition to the occasional guest appearance on The Simpsons or King of Queens.  Without question, Batman is not only considered a camp classic, but also a television classic.

Paul Revere & The Raiders on BATMAN
Johnny & The Greenmen on BATMAN
In 1966, it was a regular occurrence for a rock or pop star to make a guest appearance on the popular (and even forgotten) television series of the day (check out our Cameos section for further proof).  Batman was no exception, and through the course of its three-year run, the program featured such disparate musical acts as Liberace, Leslie Gore, Chad & Jeremy, Johnny & The Greenmen, and the great Paul Revere & The Raiders.  In fact, at the very first press conference to introduce the program--even before the first episode aired--California's Limey & The Yanks performed, starting the connection between the Batman television series and '60s rock and roll.

California's Limey & The Yanks at the initial Batman press conference
Limey & The Yanks meet Batman and Robin
Just like the show utilized varied musical guest stars, the popular (and even forgotten!) musical acts of the day tried to capitalize on the show’s meteoric success by recording songs inspired by the program, whether they be parodies, tributes, or ditties aimed at a young audience.
The Gotham City Crime Fighters not only recorded the classic 'Who Stole The Batmobile' but they dressed the part as well.

This by no means is intended as a complete discography of all '60's Batman-related music.  We've limited the listing to U.S. performers (as much as we can tell) so groups such as The Who and The Kinks - both who recorded the Batman Theme - are not included.  We did, however, include many mainstream acts - not just local garage bands. The main criteria for inclusion, however, is that the song was recorded during the time period in which Batman originally aired (1966-1968). Surely there are some we have missed; please feel free to email us with any updates and/or corrections.


  • Davie Allan & The Arrows – Batman Theme
  • Astronauts - Batman Theme
  • Avengers – Batman / Batarang (MGM K 13465, 1966) (Note: Though released as by "The Avengers," the top side was recorded by all-female group The Robins, while the flip was recorded by popular Ardent recording artists Lawson & Four More)
  • The Bats - Batmobile / Batusi (Flame, 1966)
  • Batmen With The Phantom Band - Linda / Just You Don't Know It (Red Fox Records RF-106, 1966)
  • Batt Man & The Boy Wonders - You Wouldn't Listen / I'll Keep Seaching (Ginny Record Co. 903, M-5845-01A/01B, 1965) (Note: This release is actually by an early incarnation of The Ides Of March.  The songs are the same versions that would be later released using the Ides Of March moniker)
  • Boston Pops Orchestra (Arthur Fielder Conductor) – Batman Theme (RCA Victor 47-8959, 1966)
  • Buddies - Duckman Pt.1 & Pt. 2 (Decc 31920, 1966)
  • Al Caiola – Batman Theme (UA 983, 1966)
  • Camps (aka Campers) - Ballad of Batman  / Batmobile (Parkway P-974-A/B, 1962/1965)
  • Cartoons – Batusi / Big Bad Batusi (Tuba, 1966)
  • Ronnie Cole Trio – Batman (White Cliffs, 1966)
  • Combo Kings – Batman A-Go-Go (Jamie 312, 1966)
  • Jenny Clay – Even Batman / Saints And Sinners (Columbia 4-43840, 1966)
  • Dan & Dale – Batman’s Theme / Robin's Theme (Tifton, 1966)
  • Peter De Angelis – Batman Theme (ABC-Paramount 10771, 1966) 
  • Wade Denning & the Port Washingtons – Batman (MGM, 1967, UK)
  • Esquires - Batman Theme
  • Falling Stars - The Real Batman / Batman (Black B101, 1966)
  • Four of Us – Batman (Hideout, 1965)
  • Gallants - The Batman Theme / Robin's Blues (Capitol 5586 / CP-1638, 1966)
  • Dickie Goodman – Batman And His Grandmother (Red Bird 10-058, 1966)
  • Frank Gorshin – The Riddler (A&M 804, 1966)
  • Frank Gorshin – The Riddler (Pie International 7N.25402, 1966)
  • Gotham City Crimefighters - Who Stole The Batmobile? (Batwing, 1966)
  • Gotham City Teens - (Holy Holy) Ravioli / Ravioli (RMT, GT 1000,1966?)
  • Neil Hefti – Batman Theme / Batman Chase (RCA Victor 47-8755)
  • Hi-Fives - Batman Theme (Cyclone Records CR-69, 1966?)
  • Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog – Batman Rides Again (Panorama, 1966?)
  • Jan & Dean – Batman Theme (also as Batman) (Liberty 55860, 1966)
  • Jan & Dean – The Joker Is Wild (Liberty, 1966)
  • Jon & Lee & The Checkmates – Batman Theme / Batman 2 (The Batusi) (Demo, 1966)
  • Ronnie Kole Trio – Batman Theme (White Cliffs 229, 1966)
  • Bob Kuban & In-Men – Batman Theme (Musicland USA)
  • Madd, Inc. – Batman / Batman A-Go-Go (Ikon demos, 1966)
  • Marketts – Batman Theme (Warner Brothers 5696, 1966)
  • Scotty McKay – Here Comes Batman (Claridge 309, 1966)
  • Scotty McCay & His Orchestra – Here Comes Batman (Savannah Sound SS-501, 1966)
  • Burgess Meredith (as The Penguin) – The Capture / The Escape (ABC 10798, 1966)
  • Merriettes – It's The Batman / Look Out For The Batman (Batman Record BT 95)
  • Merriettes – There Goes Robin / The Wonderful Boy Wonder (Batman Record BT 96)
  • Merriettes – Here Comes The Batmobile / The Battiest Car Around (Batman Record BT 97)
  • Merriettes – The Joker gets Trumped / Ho Ho Ho The Joker's Wild (Batman Record BT 98)
  • Merriettes – The Penguin / A Penguin Caper (Batman Record BT 99)
  • Nashville Five – The Batman Theme (Hit Records 243, 1966)
  • Paniks - I Can Beat Him Up (20th Century Fox 639, 196?)
  • Pacers – Big Batman / Gotham City (Razorback 125, 1966)
  • Plunderers – Batman (Roulette 4665, 1966)
  • Rebecca & Sunnybrook Farmers – Batman's Theme (Valentine Recording Studios Acetate)
  • Revengers – The Batman Theme (MGM K13465, 1966)
  • Nelson Riddle Orchestra – Batman's Theme / Nelson's Riddler (20th Century Fox 626, 1966) 
  • Riddlers – Batman Theme (Mike, 1966) (Warner Brothers, 1966)
  • Robin & The Batmen – Batskinner/Louie Louie (Sara 6614, 1966)
  • Robin & The Batmen – Riddler (DJ 103, 1966)
  • Robins – Batman / Batarang (Ardent 106, 1966)
  • Rocky & The Riddlers – Batman (Panorama 28, 1966)
  • Scaffold – Goodbat Nightman (Parliament, 1966, UK)
  • Seeds of Euphoria – Let's Send Batman To Viet Nam (TMP-Ting-120)
  • Sensors – Bat Man (Ty Tex, TT-117, 1964) (Note: Instrumental apparently recorded in 1964 so too early to have been inspired by the television series)
  • Sierakowski Family  Batman's Wipeout (Bradley Recording Co., BRC-4046)
  • Jumpin Jean Simmons – The Batman (Hi Records 2102)
  • Spotlights – Batman and Robin (Smash S-2020, 1966, UK)
  • Squires – Batmobile (Penguin IG 1612, 1966)
  • Standells – Batman Theme
  • Simon T. Stokes – Pow! Zap! (I'm The Bat!) (Warrior Records SM-1008) 
  • Sun Ra – I'm Gonna Unmask The Batman / The Perfect Man (Saturn)
  • Surfaris – Bat Man (Brunswick 05902) (Likely recorded prior to the debut of the TV series)
  • Ventures – Batman Theme (Liberty Do-0121-A, 1966)
  • Burt Ward – Boy Wonder I Love You (MGM K 13632, 1966)
  • Gate Wesley & Band – Do The Batman (Atlantic 2319, 1966)
  • Adam West - Miranda (20th Century Fox 6627, 1966)
  • Link Wray & The Raymen - Batman Theme (Swan 4244, 1966)


  • 5th Avenue Buses – Trip To Gotham City
  • Sensational Bat Boys - Batman Theme (Design Records #249, 1966) (Batman Theme, Mighty Mayhem, Cheatin' Charlie, Uppercut Blues, Fight Flight, The Villian Strikes, Out With The In Crowd, Behind The 8 Ball, Mars Visitor, It's Murde")
  • Bruce & The Robin Rockers – Batman Theme(Marble Arch MAL 626, 1966, U.K.) AKA...
    (Let's Dance With The Villains (Somerset, P-25000, 1966) (Batman, Pow Zop Wham, Fruggin' The Riddle, Monkey With The Penguin, Take That–You Fiend, Batman Chase, In My Merry Batmobile, Zonk, Wap, Yeowww, Robin's Nest, Give 'Em Zap Old Chap) 
  • Dan & Dale (Sun Ra and members of The Blues Project) – Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale Play Batman (Tifton S-78002, 1966) (Batman Theme, Batman's Batmarang, Batman and Robin Over the Roofs, The Penguin Chase, Flight of the Batman, Joker is Wild, Robin's Theme, Penguin's Umbrella, Batman and Robin Swing, Batmobile Wheels, The Riddler's Retreat, and The Batcave)
  • Dynamic Batmen – Batman TV Theme (Panda, 1966)
  • Neil Hefti – Hefti In Gotham City (RCA Victor LSP-3621, 1966) (Gotham City Municipal Swing Band, Robin's Blue Eggs, Honorable Batman, Soul City, The Lonely Greek, Turkish Delight, Tugboat Square, Mother Gotham, Queen Of Freeom, Fingers, King Tut's Tomb, Senorita Boo Bam)
  • Marketts – Batman Theme (Warner Brother 1642, 1966) (Bat Cave, Robin The Boy Wonder, Bat Signal, Batmobile, The Joker, The Penguin, The Bat Dance, Doctor Death, The Riddler, Bat Cape, The Catwoman)
  • Merriettes - Children's Treasury of Batman Musical Stories (Tifton, 1966) (Look Out For The Batman, Ho Ho Ho The Joker's Wild, The Wonderful Boy Wonder, The Penguin, Here Comes The Batmobile, It's The Batman, The Joker Gets Trumped, There Goes Robin, A Penguin Caper, The Battiest Car Around)
  • Revengers – Batman & Other Supermen (Metro, 1966)
  • Nelson Riddle (Batman Theme, Batman Riddles The Riddler, Batusi A-Go-Go, Two Perfectly Ordinary People, Holy Hole In The Doughnut, Batman Pows The Penguin, To The Batmobile, Batman Blues, Holy Flypaper, Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze, Gotham City, Zelda Tempts Batman)
  • Spacemen – Music For Batman & Robin (Roulette, 1966)
  • Super Dupers – Super Duper Record Of Super Heroes (SDLP-257, 1966) (Includes a song titled Batman & Robin)
  • Ventures – Batman Theme (Dolton, 1966)

The Batmen! It's unknown whether this group recorded...but if they did we've yet to come across any vinyl evidence.
The Gotham City Crime Fighters. Some members would later form Tower of Power.
Robin & The Batmen from Wisconsin
This group of Batmen were not American but we had to include this sleeve anyway (CBS 2535)...
Battman & The Robbins: Our best guess is the band was from Michigan...
Courtesy Bob Furmanek
Special thanks to Ed Nadorozny for providing some of the photos, and to Bryan Hovercraft for providing scans of many of the records.