Steve Lynd
Although not a member of the band, Steve Lynd co-wrote The Donnybrooks' song 'I'm Going For You.'  Dugan Turner, in his earlier interview with, however, neglected to mention Steve's involvement, so we used our contact with him as an opportunity to provide additional information on his relationship with the group...

Steve Lynd Recalls The Donnybrooks

I wasn't a member of The Donnybrooks. I've known Dugan since the fourth grade. We went to school together through junior college. 
I went to lunch with Dugan one day and he mentioned that his band had a recording contract. He said that none of the songs that they had submitted had been accepted so they needed a song.

I told him that I wrote music for fun. He came over to my house that night and recorded some of my songs. I played the guitar and sang some random words. 
Dugan called me the next morning. He said that he had been up most of the night rearranging the words to one of the songs. He said that he really liked it and asked me to come over to his house and re-record it.
We recorded 'I'm Going For You' with his words. Dugan called his contact at Canterbury Records and played it over the telephone. I can't remember who he was talking with but they liked it.  That's how the single 'I'm Going For You' came to being recorded.

I went to some of the band's practice sessions in Dugan's living room and I went to a lot of their local appearances but I didn't hang out with the band. Dugan was really the only band member that I really knew well. I taught Tom Keene the cords for 'I'm going For You.' I thought that I was going with them to Hollywood for the recording session but I was "uninvited" at the last minute. I guess the other band members were afraid that I'd be too protective of my song and get in the way.

I thought that The Donnybrooks was a great band. They sounded professional and I thought that they would go far with the right songs and promotion. I was really impressed with Mike Cloughton. He had a great voice and could really perform. He did the solo on 'I'm Going For You.'
I remember that the release of the single didn't go smoothly. Dugan gave me a copy that was released for the radio stations only. The credits on the label were reversed. Tom Keene got credit for 'I'm Going For You.' Dugan and I got credit for 'Always Getting Hurt.' The local rock station, KAFY, was playing 'I'm Going For You' quite often. It was fun driving around town listening to my song on the radio. It was in jukeboxes several places around Bakersfield also. KAFY had a large audience at the time. They would kick up the power at sundown and their audience expanded to the coast of California. KAFY was the only rock station that everyone listened to.  I checked the record shop often to see if the record had come in. They'd say, "Not yet but everyone is asking for it." KAFY quit playing 'I'm Going For You' after two weeks because there were no record sales and it died a quiet death. When it finally showed up in the record store, the credits on the label were still reversed. I was assured that the ASCAP copyright information was correct though. I never have found out if it was registered correctly.

I didn't really have any musical aspirations at the time. I play by ear. It just came naturally to me. I could play the cords and tune to the latest songs on the radio when I was around ten years old. We had a piano and I taught myself how to play the banjo and guitar. This was all for my own entertainment and pleasure. I never hoped to make a living writing music. I knew that there was too much competition from 10,000 others.
Forty years later I still write music. Most of what I write is never heard by anyone except me. I have a great Yamaha jumbo acoustic guitar that I bought in 1970 for $250 and an Ensoniq keyboard with a 16-track sequencer. I also have a pocket trumpet that I haven't gotten around to learning how to play. My wife won't hear of it. I don't do much recording these days. It's hard work and it just doesn't have the sound that I want. It always comes out sounding thin. The manual for the keyboard is as thick as the Bakersfield telephone book. So I just play the keyboard and make up new songs.

I worked for the Navy in China Lake, California for eight years. I ran a microwave anechoic chamber and tested missile guidance systems, microwave antennas, etc. Then I moved to Anchorage, Alaska and went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration in electronics. I retired one day after my 55th birthday, January 31, 2003 as a computer systems analyst.

Steve Lynd, November 2008